Processing technologies

Colour Mix technology

Pavement surface processing method that enables simultaneous mixing of up to five various colouring matters on the same pavement surface. Paints are mixed according to standards set by the manufacturer. Furthermore, there is an option to adjust the proportion of paint to individual customer preferences. NordBrik is proud to have an opportunity to offer this unique Colour Mix processing method on the Baltic and Scandinavian markets, a technique which guarantees that the proportion of paint is maintained at up to 95% per square metre of manufactured paving stone.

Orange / black Colour Mix
Red / black Colour Mix
Black / white Colour Mix
Grey / white Colour Mix

Surface washing technology

Processing method, the effect of which is obtained in the manufacturing process with a water jet by washing the paving stone surface. This processing method has a specific effect on the surface by uncovering the texture of granite chip in the upper layer of the paving stone. The unique appearance is also supplemented an the anti-slip effect in the winter. This is a modern processing method which has become very popular both in private projects and large-scale public projects.

Red washed
Yellow washed
Black washed
Grey washed

Stone texture technology

Allows for the deposit of fine stone chips of various origins and fractions, for example, marble, basalt, granite, etc. in the upper layer of concrete during the manufacturing process. Such a processing method allows for additional individualisation according to the customer's preference.

Red stone texture
Dark stone texture
Light stone texture
Orange stone texture

Granite Texture Technology

Allows the to incorporate different fractions of granite into the concrete surface during the production process. This method of processing makes possible additional customization of the customer's choice.

Grey with granite texture
Black with granite texture
Red with granite texture
White with granite texture

Surface impregnation technology

Individual processing method that involves the application of an impregnating lacquer on concrete surfaces. Transparent protective layer closes the surface pores, making the surface dense and waterproof. The impregnated pavement surface repels dirt, making it easier to maintain, preserving colour and reducing efflorescence – the appearance of salt spots on the concrete.

Surface impregnation technology