NordBrik is a company that follows good business practice in every decision it takes. Our sustainability policy is based on honest cooperation with customers and financial transparency.

We are in favour of financial transparency and do not support shadow economics. NordBrik always aims to establish stable, financially powerful and trustworthy partnerships. All of our partners have been impressed by our company’s financial indicators, laid out in our public annual financial statements.

NordBrik customers can pay for the purchases by any of the following means:

  • Conclusion of a contract for post-paid delivery of the goods;
  • Payment according to the prepayment invoice (available to natural persons and to legal entities);
  • Payment using cash, receiving a purchase invoice;
  • Payment using a payment card (available to natural persons and to legal entities).

NordBrik does not accept informal, undocumented transactions.

It is important for customers to be aware that confirmation documents(receipt, advance payment invoice, delivery note) provide validation of the warranty covering purchased goods. Materials manufactured by NordBrik are covered under a two-year warranty, thus enabling customers to replace purchased goods in the event of defective materials without additional charge.

NordBrik would like to remind you that a warranty means additional obligations undertaken by the warrantor. The manufacturer can refuse to comply with the warranty conditions in all cases where the customer pays for the goods without receiving a confirmation document.

Therefore, transactions with NordBrik are always registered, protected by a quality guarantee and fair to every customer.


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