JSC (AS) NordBrik commenced concrete paving manufacture in May of this year. Investing more than 3.5 million euros, the site and structure of a former factory was purchased; the factory then underwent extensive modernisation, and raw materials were purchased.

The company has established its own laboratory. “Other companies test their paving at external laboratories and only receive reports two weeks or even a month later. We receive reports the next day and know straight away whether or not we can deliver a given product to the purchasing customer,” explains Gatis Liniņš, Chairman of the Board of JSC (AS) NordBrik.

Our carefully designed manufacturing process has led to a low occurrence of defective products – approximately 1.5%. At the moment, all major commissioning parties require a five-year warranty for paving, while the common duration is two years. “We have to guarantee quality. In the event of problems, certification may be withdrawn, which means that the company will not be allowed to continue manufacturing.”

Manual work forms just a very small part in the paving manufacturing process, and the company has already found a way to replace the work of paving sorters in the future – the surface of paving products is laser-scanned, defective products are marked in red colour and removed using a sucker. The company will introduce this technology in the future, because manual sorting is no longer performed at large paving factories in Germany.

During the set-up of the factory, G. Liniņš also faced difficulties within the Latvian business environment: “There are certain factors which do not depend on the entrepreneur itself, i.e. access to labour, tax policy and other issues the state should bear responsibility for. OIK is a big problem for us, because we have high electricity consumption, and the routes to a potential resolution of this issue are not really clear. When preparing a business plan, we had to understand the amount of OIK”.

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