About NordBrik

NordBrik is a new and modern Latvian manufacturer of small concrete products

In order to provide flawless quality and an uninterrupted manufacturing process, we have purchased a German, high-capacity manufacturing facility – HESS. We have succeeded in increasing manufacturing quality, providing the widest range of paving stone shapes and introducing the most progressive paving processing technologies in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. We are the only paving manufacturer in Latvia to establish its own professional quality laboratory for the purposes of manufacturing quality control. When bringing together our team, we involved specialists with more than 10 years' experience on the Baltic market. Individual commissioning parties and legal entities, architects, builders, managers of large and small buildings, local and international construction companies – each of our customers and partners is special, because we are aware that successful, long-term relationships are based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. We guarantee quality manufacturing and timely delivery as well as professional, helpful and human sales services. The values of our brand – quality, people and development – are clearly visible in everything we do. We work to make people's lives better. This is possible only by maintaining constant quality in everything we do. While quality standards are constantly being raised, we still need to maintain continuous progress and seek out better materials and work processes and more up-to-date solutions.